Without much pomp and circumstance, Apple has released their latest iPod Touch. I bet you almost forgot about it didn’t you? Well iFixit has kindly taken one and stripped it down as only they can. Let’s see what’s new.

  6th Gen iPod Touch Teardown

Off came the  4” multi-touch IPS display to get a better look at any new changes. The first thing you see is the slightly bigger 1043 mAh, 3.83V battery good for 40 hours of music playback. Under the battery is the Lightning connector, microphone, headphone and home button assembly. Located north of that is the 8MP camera with it’s 2.4 f-stop, not the best for low-light conditions.

  6th Gen iPod Touch Teardown2

On the motherboard lurks Apple’s A8 processor de-tuned to run at 1.1GHz per core and 1 GB LPDDR3 RAM. Located nearby is the NXP Semiconductors LPC18B1UK ARM Cortex-M3 Microcontroller (AKA the M8 Motion Coprocessor). Flash memory is provided 128 Gb Toshiba’s THGBX3G7D2KLA0C.

  6th Gen iPod Touch Teardown3

All vectors and movement are translated by an InvenSense MP67B 6-axis Gyroscope and Accelerometer. Data connectivity duties are handled by a Universal Scientific Industrial 339S0231Bluetooth/Wi-Fi Module. Finally, any touchscreen inputs are interpreted by a Broadcom BCM5976 Touchscreen Controller and a Texas Instruments 343S0645 Touchscreen Controller.

  6th Gen iPod Touch Teardown4

Oh, that’s not all, there’s more silicon! Apple has issued a 338S1116 Cirrus Audio Codec to handle your tunes. For a closer look at the breakdown scoot on over to the iFixit website.

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