Amazon’s new Dash Button promises a unique and new way to purchase goods for our homes. It’s no gimmick though, it can solve the age old problem of forgetting something that you needed to buy at the store.

Amazon Dash Button-Pushing The Future

Its function is just the way it sounds, it’s a wireless programmable button you can stick anywhere you want in your home. Once you link it up with your home Wi-Fi you can go into your Amazon Prime account to tell it which product you want shipped each time. When the button is pressed it sends a confirmation via email to confirm or deny the purchase request. The email might seem annoying at first glance but it will come in handy when one of your little ones accidentally pushes the button out of curiosity.

Amazon Dash Button-Pushing The Future  2

The Dash Button comes in a ton of different flavors from the likes of: Gillette, Tide, Bounty, Izzie and Larabar to name but a few. There are roughly 16 companies to pick from and there will be many, many more products to choose from as more partner with Amazon.

Amazon Dash Button-Pushing The Future   6

Which brings me to the Amazon Dash Replenishment service they created to allow device makers a way to integrate the Dash Button system into their devices. This will open up the ability to order consumables right from the device that works with them, all with a simple push of a button. Device makers can integrate this technology with as little as ten lines of code for quick implementation into existing or devices under development.

Amazon Dash Button-Pushing The Future  5

There are already some early adopters though of which we will be seeing some interesting new products from. Whirlpool will be offering a washer and dryer with DRS built-in and Brita plans on offering DRS integration into a connected pitcher that measures water passing through the filter to order a new filter at the right time.

Amazon Dash Button-Pushing The Future  4

Quirky is a company that we have covered an awful lot here at The Connected Planet and they are releasing a new line of DRS enabled devices called Poppy. The devices include a baby formula maker, pet food dispenser and coffee machine that can all order consumables when the time is right.

All you need to do to get the Dash Button is sign into your Amazon Prime account and request an invite via email. The best part about Amazon’s button is the fact that they’re free, which makes integrating them into your home so much easier. For more info on these cool little devices, check out Amazon’s site here.


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