My title may be a bit of a misnomer, maybe even a bit click bait-ish, because the fact is, that I don’t actually have an Apple Watch, yet. You see, I ordered mine with the masses, early on April 10th. How early did I order it? The ordering process was available at 1:01am Mountain Standard Time here in Idaho. I’ve noticed there are bigger publications on the internet that have been sharing their opinions about the Apple Watches they were given by Apple and what kind of experience you might have trying one on and ordering one.

My Apple Watch Experience So Far

My experience is a different one than the one allowed to the bigger publications. My experience is one that is exactly like the one you will have if you decided to wait a bit to order yours. I’m a crusader for the little people you could say! I believe that the product is only but a part of the equation when it comes to buying the Apple Watch while the other part is the buying experience that you have when purchasing such a personal and expensive product.

My Apple Watch Experience So Far  2

I fully respect the effort and thought process Apple has in trying to eliminate the long queues at their stores when a new product is released by forcing customers to order online. I don’t know about you but purchasing a $350-17,000 smart watch online can come across as impersonal, which seems the opposite of what Apple is saying the Apple Watch is. If you wanted to have your Apple Watch by April 24th you had to pre-order it very early in the morning and only later on that day if you had made an appointment at your local Apple store, could you actually try one on.

My Apple Watch Experience So Far  3

The “try on” is where my Apple Watch experience really starts to get good. I scheduled an appointment the next day on the 11th of April with a specialist within the Apple store. I was promptly greeted when I arrived for my viewing of the Apple Watch and I was whisked to an area with soft blue leather mats where you could try on any Apple Sport or Apple Watch you desired.

My Apple Watch Experience So Far  4

When I was asked what I would like to try on my choice was easy, I wanted to try on exactly what I had ordered. Which was a 42mm Apple Watch in stainless steel with the Milanese strap, the other one was an Apple Watch with the black fluoroelastomer band. I wanted to try the latter one on because I had heard it didn’t pull out your arm hair like other rubber watch bands. I can confirm that the fluoroelastomer band is as soft as angel fingers and as gentle too.

The Apple representative kindly put each Apple Watch on my preferred wrist and talked to me about some of their functions. Though I didn’t require assistance in ordering one, they will guide you through the ordering process if that’s what you wish. Apple’s ordering process is a bit flawed much like the early reviews of its Watch are saying but I also believe they will improve both sooner rather than later. Apple Watch here I come, next stop is May 13th when it actually arrives. If you would like to schedule an appointment to try on the Apple Watch click the link here.

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