iFixit has wasted absolutely zero time in dismantling the one thing that you couldn’t even wait in line for and didn’t technically launch today. Yep, that’s right, the Apple Watch is finally in the hands of customers and iFixit was the first to gut it, let’s check out what makes it tick (wink wink).

Apple endowed the Apple Watch with not only two display sizes (39mm and 42mm) but two different types of crystal materials (Sapphire and Ion-X mineral glass). Underneath that exotic protection lies a pressure sensitive, flexible AMOLED Retina touchscreen.

Apple Watch Teardown

When the whole display structure is removed, the much talked about Taptic Engine is revealed along with the tiny .78Wh battery. The 205mAh power supply can provide up to 18 hours of continuous use while the battery in the 42mm can last a bit longer.

Apple Watch Teardown2

The brand new S1 SiP (system in processor) resides beneath the battery and to keep things tidy, houses the processor, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Gyroscope, accelerometer and 8GB of storage all under one roof. This of course makes it hard to ID any one particular chip and its manufacturer but there was one loitering about underneath the display which was an Analog Devices AD7166 ARM Cortex M3-based Touchscreen Controller.

Apple Watch Teardown3

However, Chipworks decided to dig a little deeper using an x-ray machine to see the chip layout of the S1 before they ripped the lid off of it. What they found was the most sophisticated guts of any wearable they have seen to date. The components of the S1 include a brand new STMicroelectronics digital 3D gyroscope and digital 3D accelerometer. Sharing that precious real estate is a Texas instruments OPA2376 Precision, low noise, low quiescent current Opp Amp.

Apple Watch Teardown4

As both companies continue to explore the inner workings of the Apple Watch we will have to stay tuned for any new discoveries and revelations. For further analysis on either tear down be sure to check out both iFixit and Chipworks.


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