It’s been two and a half weeks since I received my Stainless steel Apple Watch and there have been a few interesting things I noticed. I know you have watched and read every unboxing and review already but I feel there are some details others have left out.

Apple Watch Update

Firstly, the unboxing of the watch was quite pleasant. It may sound weird to hear that but I didn’t need scissors or a knife to open the box. Nothing but well thought out, tamper proof strips between you and your Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Update2

Once opened up, setup of the Apple Watch was quick, easy and intuitive. The learning curve for the Apple Watch was indeed a straight up affair. Once I was comfortable with what clicks, presses and swipes did what, it was quite nice.

OK, enough of that, let’s move on to some of the nuances of the Apple Watch. The Milanese band I ordered my watch with is fantastic looking. Classy and sophisticated are words that come to mind but there is one flaw with it. It loosens ever so slightly with any real physical activity. Apple tried to rectify this with a rubber “seal” on the magnetic tab to prevent slippage. It works in spades but a sport band would be best for anything with a lot of movement.

Apple Watch Update3

One feature I wasn’t sure I would like but have come to appreciate is the password lock function. You can either use one just to secure your Apple Watch or if you add a card for Apple Pay as I did, it will force you to have a password. The devil’s in the details though, as I came to notice something interesting. When the surface of the sensors register that they have left the surface of your wrist, they will automatically lock your watch. A nice touch if say you’re Apple Watch finds itself in the hands of someone else.

Apple Watch Update4

There has already been an update for the Apple Watch which saw some improvements made to the speed at which the watch connects to an iPhone. There were also some improvements made to Siri and a few other bug fixes. I would say they are incremental improvements and nothing super noticeable. My overall assessment of the Apple Watch is good though. My battery lasts well over a day and the watch is responsive and of the highest quality. But I have started to forget it at home.




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