April has been a busy month for the tech world with big news from Blackberry, Apple, and Google to name a few. Let’s take a look.

My Apple Watch Experience So Far 3

Arguably the biggest news this month has been the official release of the Apple Watch and its controversial pre-order only system. Apple had good intentions when it implemented a system that would effectively eliminate the long lines at its stores when a new product is available. It was confusing and has lead Apple to push as many Apple Watches out as possible. The first batches have arrived to their lucky owners and a few have even destroyed them for the sake of discovery. Overall, word is that the Apple Watch is pretty good with room for improvement.

April IoT News

Blackberry are looking to bolster revenues and will now offer a certificate service for IoT devices that allows them a much higher level of security much like their mobile phone enjoy. Blackberry have already secured a contract in Britain to issue certificates for a smart meter initiative that encompasses roughly 104 million connected energy manage devices. It’s a smart move for Blackberry as IoT security is a rising concern and Blackberry have some serious experience in the matter.

April IoT News 2

Luxottica, the Italian sunglasses giant that owns such eyewear legends as Oakley and Ray-Ban has said that they are working on a new version of the Google Glass. Although Google has stopped selling the original version and moved the division out of its Google X research lab they remain committed to creating a product that improves upon the original.

April IoT News 3

Nixon the maker of watches for skateboarders and trendy folk alike have just released a new watch catering to the surfing community. In the past companies like Casio had high and low tide functions that merely indicated when the waves should be the highest. The Nixon Ultratide differs in that it connects through Bluetooth to the services of a company called Surfline. Surfline has been the leader in tide, swell, wave direction, wind speed and water/air temperature reporting for 20 years.  The Ultratide allows surfers to see what the local waves are up too whether you’re a local or just traveling through. It’s no Apple Watch but it’s a bit more waterproof than one, the cost? $300.




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