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  • July IoT News2

    July IoT News

    Welcome to July’s IoT news, it’s been a hot month for the IoT with big news from Microsoft, Yodaphone, Google, Apple, and Samsung! Let’s see what’s new. Let’s start with the much anticipated Windows 10 roll-out this last week. It is a huge improvement...
  • 6th Gen iPod Touch Teardown2

    6th Gen iPod Touch Teardown

    Without much pomp and circumstance, Apple has released their latest iPod Touch. I bet you almost forgot about it didn’t you? Well iFixit has kindly taken one and stripped it down as only they can. Let’s see what’s new.   Off came the  4”...
  • ZTE Axon Smart Watch2

    ZTE Axon Smart Watch

    It’s arguable that ZTE is late to the party with their Axon smartwatch but it’s a relatively young market still so judgement will be reserved. They do have their work cut out for them however as Apple officially owns 60% or more of the...
  • Marshall London Smartphone

    Marshall London Smartphone

    Attention all music nerds and more specifically, classic rock aficionados, Marshall has something for you! Marshall’s spanking new London smartphone looks to fill a gap we didn’t know needing filling. A music centered smartphone geared towards those very serious about their music. The world...