The Connected Planet Articles: Industry 4.0

  • Cisco Puts IoT Development In Fastlane3

    Cisco Puts IoT Development In Fastlane

    Cisco is one of the leading producers of high speed wireless networking devices and their latest unveilings are proof of that. They have started contributing heavily to developing and releasing products that are focused on IoT industrial network development. Cisco’s latest product is the...
  • Industry 4.0 Is Taking Hold

    Industry 4.0 Is Taking Hold

    The long and slow journey until Industry 4.0 is commonplace can be a tedious and expensive one but there are signs that things are changing. German companies are some of the first to spearhead efforts to implement these new technologies and test them out....
  • General-Electrics-Industry-4.0-Vision3

    General Electrics Industry 4.0 Vision

    Industry as we know it is currently going through its fourth “revolution” or 4.0. This isn’t really news though, but how were getting there sure is. Experts say were about a quarter of the way through the transition and some of positivity this transition...