The Connected Planet Articles: M2M

  • Make Your Car Smart With Vinli

    Make Your Car Smart With Vinli

      These days if you want a connected car you have to buy a new one or at least one made within the last few years. A product called Vinli looks to change all of that by allowing you to simply plug it into...
  • SipaBoard-The Smart SUP

    SipaBoard-The Smart SUP

    Summer is very, very close here in the United States and one of the hottest reliefs from the summer heat is water sports. One of the biggest forms of this, is stand up paddle boarding. Stand up paddle boarding is like riding a surfboard...
  • Spark Electron

    Spark Electron

    Spark is one of the biggest proponents and creators of easy to afford, top notch development kits for tinkerers and makers. So it should come as no surprise that Spark is at it again with a new product that allows customers to develop products...
  • NVIDIA-Smart Car Super Computers

    NVIDIA-Smart Car Super Computers

    NVIDIA released their new mobile processor and connected vehicle suite at CES 2015 a couple of weeks ago and boy was it a doozy. Their new connected car technology is the most complete of any electronics manufacturer and serves to push how we drive...
  • It’s A Wrap!-CES 2015 3

    It’s A Wrap!-CES 2015

    CES 2015 is officially over but that doesn’t mean people will stop talking about it anytime soon. CES is such a huge show that spans not only the Las Vegas Convention Center but multiple hotels along the Vegas strip. As a result, there are...
  • CES 2015-Day One

    CES 2015-Day One

    CES 2015 is officially off and running today and there have been tons press releases about what’s new. The huge influx of information can be overwhelming and a pain to slog your way through so we thought we would lend a hand. We’re going...