The Connected Planet Articles: M2M

  • Looking Forward To CES 2015

    Looking Forward To CES 2015

    We’ve now celebrated and eclipsed Christmas and New Years Day is on the horizon. The New Year not only brings new and wonderful possibilities in the IoT world but it brings us one of the largest electronics trade shows all year, CES 2015 in...
  • Elster REX2-Smart Meter

    Elster REX2-Smart Meter

    The household power meter dates back to the early 1870’s and has been an often overlooked device. No one is at fault really, it sits outside, out of sight and out of mind. Various improvements have been made over the years to “watt hour...
  • Car makers Taking M2M literally - Rise of the machines

    Car Makers Taking M2M Literally – Rise of the machines

    M2M has been primarily used in corporate/industrial applications and is by and large not really something most people are familiar with. M2M is a broad term but is an important part of IoT, machine to machine refers to wired or wireless devices that communicate...