The Connected Planet Articles: Wearables

  • ZTE Axon Smart Watch2

    ZTE Axon Smart Watch

    It’s arguable that ZTE is late to the party with their Axon smartwatch but it’s a relatively young market still so judgement will be reserved. They do have their work cut out for them however as Apple officially owns 60% or more of the...
  • Lumos LED Bicycle Helmet

    Lumos LED Bicycle Helmet

    Following hot on the heels of our write-up on Garmin’s new Varia radar system is the Lumos LED bicycle helmet. Lumos is designed to take your safety up a notch by exploiting the unused space on your helmet. The design of the helmet...
  • Doppler Labs Here Earbuds

    Doppler Labs Here Earbuds

    Doppler Labs, the creators of the DUBS acoustic filters that were released last September and were a hit has a new product. Meet the new Here Active Listening earbuds, designed to be inconspicuous and light weight. These wireless earbuds are for the musician, concertgoer,...
  • Doppel Wearable

    Doppel Wearable

    Doppel is a unique new wearable whose creators claim that it can improve mood through rhythm. Yes, this does sound a bit weird but were assured this isn’t “snake oil”. Doppel is based firmly in and backed by science, let’s take a look at what...
  • Lovely Sex Tracker

    Lovely Sex Tracker

    There are wearables for nearly every facet of our active lives from Fitbits for overall fitness to embedded clothing with heart rate trackers. Up till now there really hasn’t been anything to track our lives between the sheets. Meet the Lovely Sex Tracker, a...
  • Apple Watch Update2

    Apple Watch Update

    It’s been two and a half weeks since I received my Stainless steel Apple Watch and there have been a few interesting things I noticed. I know you have watched and read every unboxing and review already but I feel there are some details...