The Connected Planet Articles: Wearables

  • LG Urbane4

    LG Watch Urbane Tear Down

    It wasn’t very long ago we at The Connected Planet wrote about the LG’s Apple Watch competitor the Urbane. The intrepid people over at iFixit have torn down this heavyweight hopeful to see what firepower it’s packing so let’s take a look. Off went...
  • Pebble Time Tear Down

    Pebble Time Tear Down

    The Pebble Time was the most successfully funded Kickstarter project ever by raising 20.3 million dollars. How could an admittedly simple device demolish all previous Kickstarter records, some from arguably slicker looking devices? iFixit was able to dissect the Pebble Time so we can...
  • Summertime Sports IoT3

    Summertime Sports IoT

    Summer is almost here and there are always outdoor activities to help occupy our attention. Racquet sports and biking are popular year round but especially so during the warmer months. Two companies, Pulse Play, out of Tel Aviv, Israel and Limits, out of Scotland...
  • LG Urbane

    LG Urbane-Apple Watch Competitor?

      Not content with letting the Apple Watch get all of the attention, LG has released another Android Wear device called Urbane. The Urbane is LG’s latest device aimed at stealing not only some of Apple’s thunder but buyers as well. LG’s Urbane is...
  • Apple Watch Teardown4

    Apple Watch Teardown

    iFixit has wasted absolutely zero time in dismantling the one thing that you couldn’t even wait in line for and didn’t technically launch today. Yep, that’s right, the Apple Watch is finally in the hands of customers and iFixit was the first to gut...
  • Skully AR-1

    Skully AR-1

    Do you ever wish you could have eyes in the back of your head? There are certain instances where this would benefit one more than another. One particular activity where the ability to see behind oneself easier would be during a motorcycle ride. Enter...