The Connected Planet Articles: Wearables

  • My Apple Watch Experience So Far 4

    My Apple Watch Experience So Far

    My title may be a bit of a misnomer, maybe even a bit click bait-ish, because the fact is, that I don’t actually have an Apple Watch, yet. You see, I ordered mine with the masses, early on April 10th. How early did I order...
  • Introducing The Neptune Suite 2

    Introducing The Neptune Suite

    As you already know, Neptune has announced its Hub and Pocket Screen in a previous Indiegogo campaign called the Neptune Duo. These were just a small taste of what was to come from the folks at Neptune as they have now announced the Neptune...
  • Do We Need Luxury Smart Watches?

    Do We Need Luxury Smart Watches?

    It wasn’t very long after Apple’s Keynote where they announced the arrival of their Apple Watch that Tag Heuer has announced a forthcoming luxury smart watch. Is it in retaliation for Apple poaching a key Tag executive? Does Tag Heuer want to follow Breitling’s lead...
  • The Apple Watch Lineup

    The Apple Watch Lineup

    It’s been about eight months or so since rumors started swirling about a new watch that Apple was working on. There were a plethora of amateur and professional design mock-ups featured in just about every publication imaginable but our wait is over as Apple...
  • Huawei Watch

    Huawei Watch/TalkBand B2-MWC 2015

    It was just very recently that Huawei engaged in a good bit of viral marketing with an ad in a Barcelona airport that some perceived as accidentally revealing a rumored Android Wear watch. Huawei has now come clean and announced the watch today at...
  • MotionX-Swiss Watch Savoir

    MotionX-Swiss Watch Savoir

    MotionX is an exciting technology from MMT, a subsidiary of parent company Full Power that has developed an IoT platform that’s helping bring old school Swiss watches into the 21st century. Swiss watches are some of the most precise and prized timepieces one can...