The Connected Planet Articles: Wearables

  • Neptune Duo

    Neptune Duo

    The Neptune Duo is an interesting take on the wearable concept because there is a twist. The twist is that this wearable comes with a “dumb” screen to interact with when the touch screen on the bracelet isn’t quite big enough for certain things...
  • Amp Strip

    Amp Strip

    Activity trackers and wearables are increasingly becoming the go-to for training and fitness junkies. The one downside to many of these devices is the fact that even though the Amp Strip itself is waterproof, the phone it’s paired to is not. Which brings us...
  • Christophe & Co. - Armill Luxury Wearable 2

    Christophe & Co. – Armill Luxury Wearable

    The wearables market is growing at an insane rate these days as CES 2015 has indicated to us. But the lion’s share of these products are marketed towards the everyday consumer. Now the one percenters have their own custom hand crafted wearable by Christophe...
  • Microsoft HoloLens

    Microsoft HoloLens

    Microsoft has announced their new HoloLens concept which is aimed squarely at the Oculus Rift and Sony’s project Morpheus. The HoloLens promises an immersive 3D viewing experience while allowing the user to interact with his or her environment using their hands. HoloLens wants to...
  • It’s A Wrap!-CES 2015 3

    It’s A Wrap!-CES 2015

    CES 2015 is officially over but that doesn’t mean people will stop talking about it anytime soon. CES is such a huge show that spans not only the Las Vegas Convention Center but multiple hotels along the Vegas strip. As a result, there are...
  • Looking Forward To CES 2015

    Looking Forward To CES 2015

    We’ve now celebrated and eclipsed Christmas and New Years Day is on the horizon. The New Year not only brings new and wonderful possibilities in the IoT world but it brings us one of the largest electronics trade shows all year, CES 2015 in...