The Connected Planet Articles: Wearables

  • Meet Moov

    Meet Moov-Fitness Band 2.0

    Fitness freaks and casual exercisers rejoice, for there is a new state-of-the-art fit band to help whip you into shape this holiday or help crush those New Year’s pesky resolutions. Meet Moov, a 9-axis fitness band thats meant to be worn on your wrist,...
  • LG's Brand New G Watch R2

    LG’s Brand New Smart Watch-G Watch R

    The LG G Watch R is yet another Android Wear device to consider when you’re looking for a new IoT device to put on your wrist. It is also the only other smart watch on the market with a circular display other than the...
  • Microsoft Band-A Powerful Fitness Tracker

    Microsoft Band-A Powerful Fitness Tracker

    Microsoft has just released their newest competitor into the wearable arena called the Microsoft Band. While this isn’t Microsoft’s first wearable it is a vast improvement over the old offerings. They were clunky user interfaces and technology that couldn’t quite support the wonderful vision...
  • New Wearables Coming To Market

    New Wearables Coming To Market

    The wearables market is exploding right now with new offerings from Apple, Samsung and Motorola that have the public’s attention for now. There are however, a few new wearables headed to our market so let’s check them out. The first one comes to us...
  • Intel's Make It Wearable Challenge Finalist-Team Nixie

    Intel Wearable Finalist-Team Nixie

    About nine months ago Intel issued a challenge to dreamers, tinkerers and makers and that was, “Make it wearable”. Intel specifically had their Edison chipset in mind when this started and they are now down to ten finalists in the competition and one team is putting...
  • Moto 360- Premium Wearable

    Moto 360- Premium Wearable

    Motorola has fired its first salvo in the increasingly competitive and hot wearables market. With Apple having just released details about its upcoming watch, Motorola is going to have it’s work cut out. Lets dive in and see what the Moto 360 is all...