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  • GoPro Hero4 Session Teardown

    GoPro Hero4 Session Teardown

    It hasn’t been more than a week since GoPro’s latest action cam dropped and iFixit has already cut and peeled one to the core. This is an important addition for GoPro as it offers another form factor for budding action sports stars to play...
  • Lumos LED Bicycle Helmet

    Lumos LED Bicycle Helmet

    Following hot on the heels of our write-up on Garmin’s new Varia radar system is the Lumos LED bicycle helmet. Lumos is designed to take your safety up a notch by exploiting the unused space on your helmet. The design of the helmet...
  • Improve Your Biom With Flower Power3

    Improve Your Biom With Flower Power

    A lack of space to grow plants or vegetables has been a long standing problem in cities for people that would like to do so. An increase in population size also means that there is a lack of fresh food available. A product called...
  • Watch Your Back With The Garmin Varia

    Watch Your Back With The Garmin Varia

    Riding a bicycle nowadays can be a risky endeavor, especially in busy city environments. It’s all you can do to look ahead and navigate the risks that are coming at you let alone watching what traffic behind you. Knowing full well this is a...