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  • Doppel Wearable

    Doppel Wearable

    Doppel is a unique new wearable whose creators claim that it can improve mood through rhythm. Yes, this does sound a bit weird but were assured this isn’t “snake oil”. Doppel is based firmly in and backed by science, let’s take a look at what...
  • LG G4 Teardown

    LG G4 Teardown

    LG’s flagship, the G4 has been given the royal teardown by the boys and girls at iFixit for a closer at what’s inside so let’s see what lies within this beast. Easy access to the internals is granted with the quick removal of the...
  • Hydrate With The Trago Smart Bottle

    Hydrate With The Trago Smart Bottle

    If you have ever wondered, “How much water should I drink today?”, then the Trago smart water bottle has you covered. Proper hydration is just as important for a healthy body as it is for top athletes but all we have are general rules...
  • Mercedes Home Battery

    Mercedes Home Battery

    The home battery sector is really heating up now with announcement that Mercedes will now offer a home battery pack. If you remember it wasn’t more than a month ago that Tesla announced a pair of residential battery packs along with a more substantial...