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  • Lovely Sex Tracker

    Lovely Sex Tracker

    There are wearables for nearly every facet of our active lives from Fitbits for overall fitness to embedded clothing with heart rate trackers. Up till now there really hasn’t been anything to track our lives between the sheets. Meet the Lovely Sex Tracker, a...
  • Gogoro Smart Scooter4

    Gogoro Smart Scooter

    The Internet of Things knows no bounds it seems, from home cooking devices to sex toys to connected cars. I suppose it was about time we are able to ride a smart scooter around our cramped cities. The Gogoro smart scooter is an all-electric...
  • May IoT News

    May IoT News

      2015 been a busy and important year for IoT and the month of May has been no exception. Google had their annual I/O, LG announced the Urbane and Acer announced three new models of its Liquid Leap wearable. Google just wrapped up their...
  • Apple Watch Update2

    Apple Watch Update

    It’s been two and a half weeks since I received my Stainless steel Apple Watch and there have been a few interesting things I noticed. I know you have watched and read every unboxing and review already but I feel there are some details...