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  • LG Urbane

    LG Urbane-Apple Watch Competitor?

      Not content with letting the Apple Watch get all of the attention, LG has released another Android Wear device called Urbane. The Urbane is LG’s latest device aimed at stealing not only some of Apple’s thunder but buyers as well. LG’s Urbane is...
  • SipaBoard-The Smart SUP

    SipaBoard-The Smart SUP

    Summer is very, very close here in the United States and one of the hottest reliefs from the summer heat is water sports. One of the biggest forms of this, is stand up paddle boarding. Stand up paddle boarding is like riding a surfboard...
  • Modulo-Arduino Made Easy 3

    Modulo-Arduino Made Easy

    It’s no secret that tinkering or creating devices with Arduino can be a pain and if you make a mistake, the whole project can be scrapped. Modulo is here to change that with a package of modular components that allow simple click-and-play creation. All...
  • Tesla Powerwall

    Tesla Powerwall

    As you may have already heard, Tesla has now announced a battery for your house called the Powerwall. This is a smart play on Tesla’s part because they realized that we have batteries for everything but our homes, until now. Elon Musk explained in...