What if you had a device that allowed you to control almost any electrical device in your house? One that was intuitive to connect to your home and allowed wireless control from anywhere in the world. Well Belkin has the answer to your prayers in the form of the WeMo Maker.

Belkin’s WeMo Maker

The Maker is a device that allows the user to not only control it over WiFi but hook it up to other WeMo sensors over the same network. Belkin gives an example of where you could create a switch that opens a pet door at sunrise or when you log out of your work email for the day.

Belkin’s WeMo Maker2

The Maker does require you to have a bit of wiring knowledge but once it’s wired up, the process to hook it up to your home network is quick and easy. Belkin has an excellent community of people to help with anything you might be struggling with, in the WeMo Community forums. When I visited the forums to see exactly what one might find in this forum I found some awesome ideas! The first thing my eyes locked into was a recipe for an automatic pool water leveler. Neat, but then there’s the inventor of the week award that the community manager declares for the best idea of the week. The idea of the week this week was for a WeMo Rocket Launch control complete with instruction guide and specifications.

Belkin’s WeMo Maker3

The WeMo Maker can be purchased for around $79 on Belkin’s website and their community can be found here. If other home IoT devices aren’t cutting it then the WeMo Maker is your key to ultimate home IoT bliss.

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