Bluesmart is one of the more unique and exciting things to have come out of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year. Bluesmart is travel luggage that has been endowed with Bluetooth and GPS for various functions, all of which we will cover in a few moments.

 Bluesmart-Outsmart Lost Luggage

First things first, Bluesmart offers travelers 34 liters of storage space for clothing, shoes or suits or anything else you want to put in there. There is a secondary compartment which features a series of soft organizers to hold your electronic devices securely and safely. The secondary pocket can accommodate laptop screen sizes up to 15 inches and can double as a tablet pocket.

 Bluesmart-Outsmart Lost Luggage 2

Protecting your valuables on the inside is a three-layer polycarbonate shell making the case both lightweight and strong. The soft pockets on the front are made of 1200D polyester to protect against the inevitable beatings it will take from airport handlers.

 Bluesmart-Outsmart Lost Luggage 3

To make sure all of your devices have juice when they run out while you’re on the run, there’s an on board 10,000mAh battery pack. Connected to that battery pack are two USB chargers capable of charging two devices at the same time! There is also an exterior USB cable placed behind the handle for quick battery top-ups.

 Bluesmart-Outsmart Lost Luggage 4

All of that stuff is really great but Bluesmart’s raison d’etre is the fact that it can connect to Android and iOS devices for key notifications. For example, if someone took your bag without you noticing, Bluesmart would notify you via phone that it has passed a certain distance out. You might be asking, “How does that help if I don’t know exactly where it is”? Bluesmart has you covered with GPS tracking capabilities so that all you need to do is mark the bag as “lost” on your app and it determines the location of the suitcase every moment.

Bluesmart also features TSA approved remote locking via phone app so that there isn’t any need for keys and locks. Bluesmart says that the expected range for Bluetooth in an airport is about 100ft which is more than enough to receive alerts. All of these features add up to an incredible value for the $299 asking price. Check out the Bluesmart’s website for a closer look into what could be the single most important travel necessity available.


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