M2M has been primarily used in corporate/industrial applications and is by and large not really something most people are familiar with. M2M is a broad term but is an important part of IoT, machine to machine refers to wired or wireless devices that communicate to each other. These devices started out communicating in industrial and corporate environments but the term has since evolved to include more pedestrian devices. The machines in this case are the cars you and I drive! Mercedes, BMW and Tesla  among a few others have apps and or actual key fobs that allow the owner to use a plethora of functions remotely.

Car makers Taking M2M literally - Rise of the machines

BMW for example has a key/fob for the new i8 that actually has a display that shows you fuel level, miles left on the current charge and level of charge on the lithium-ion batteries. There is also an app called the BMW i app that allows the user to keep tabs on their BMW i3 from their Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch. As of yet BMW hasn’t released any tech specs for the key.

Car makers Taking M2M literally - Rise of the machines

Tesla has an app for their model S that allows the owner to monitor and adjust things from the climate control to venting the sunroof to a map of where the car is parked on gps! The IoT rabbit hole goes even deeper with the Model S being able receive software updates or recalls via wifi. This was the case very recently when Tesla Model S owners received a notice from NHTSA or National Highway Traffic Safety Administration telling customers the charger plug was the cause for fires. As a result, Tesla issued a “recall” over wifi and all 26,000 plus customers cars were fixed. This is a huge testament to the power of IoT technology and what possibilities may lie ahead.

Car makers Taking M2M literally - Rise of the machines

Lastly, were taking a look at the mighty Mercedes-Benz. Mercedes has decided to participate in the Nest Developer Program so that their vehicles will figure out your estimated time of arrival home and send a signal to your Nest so that the house is at comfortable temp when you arrive home. Mercedes and Pebble have a partnership that allows the Pebble smartwatch to act as a second screen so that it may show you things like fuel level, door lock status and car location. And those are just the things it will show you out of the car. In car data displayed via V2V are road hazards and accidents as well as traffic conditions. The modern day car owner has never had a safer more comfortable commute!


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