CES 2015 is officially off and running today and there have been tons press releases about what’s new. The huge influx of information can be overwhelming and a pain to slog your way through so we thought we would lend a hand. We’re going to run through what we think are some of the most important and relevant bits of IoT news thus far.

  CES 2015-Day One

Connected vehicles are huge this year at CES with BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Ford and Chrysler showing off their latest tech. BMW has endowed their new i3 with a built-in SIM card for an unprecedented connectivity options and with that a slew ways with which to control various aspects of the i3. Those connectivity options range from being able to link a smartwatch to the vehicle for locking or unlocking, leading the owner back to the vehicle in a parking lot or using a smart TV to see what the battery’s range is and where that will take you on a map.

BMW has also set up something called Park Now which allows someone driving a BMW product to find and pay for parking from the comfort of their vehicle. There was also mention of the slick key fob for the BMW i8 we had covered several months ago as well as the ability for fully automated parking in a multi-story car park without the driver.

  CES 2015-Day One 2

And while we’re on the subject of automobiles we might as well mention the goodies Nvidia has brought to CES. Nvidia plans to empower the automobile through the integration of their new Tegra X1 and Drive PX platform. The Tegra X1 is a massively powerful processor that possesses a teraflop of computing power. When accompanied by the Drive PX platform which aims to bring a “hive minded” connectivity to other vehicles, you have brutishly powerful “smart car”.

  CES 2015-Day One 3

Intel announced its Real Sense technology that uses a 3D camera to sense the depth and of objects and gestures to help robots move in 3D environments. Intel also displayed and talked about their new and even smaller Curie computer module. The Curie is even smaller than the Edison chipset but packs a similar punch and to show what is possible Intel has partnered with Oakley on a new project.

  CES 2015-Day One 4

The smart home sector had a few new toys displayed on its behalf as well today. A company called Misfit displayed a new connected light bulb called Bolt, that like the LiFx, has Wi-Fi built in but has LED’s courtesy of Cree. The upside you ask? Instead of $100 a bulb for the LiFx or $200 for a kit by Philips, you can get started for $50.

Day two is tomorrow and it will surely be full of more exciting IoT news, so stay tuned to this space for more CES 2015 !


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