Day two at CES 2015 hasn’t had quite the sizzle that opening day brought us but there are still gadgets to be covered. And cover them we will do! Yesterday’s tech news seemed engulfed in the hoopla that was smart cars and the technology that allows them to be connected devices. Heck, this year might just be the year of smart cars but let’s not forget where we park those smart cars when we’re not at work. That’s right, our (hopefully) smart homes!

CES 2015-Day Two

Speaking of which, Qualcomm displayed a model connected home featuring various devices and appliances one would have in their home. Qualcomm wanted to further drive the point home that their hardware can be developed into any home bound device to create the home of the future.

Qualcomm Atheros which is a wireless chipset subsidiary, has released an update for the MU-MIMO technology they released last year that would triple the 802.11ac user connections.

CES 2015-Day Two 2

Nest had some pretty exciting contributions to CES this year as well, with announcement of its partnerships with other companies called Works with Nest. Companies and products like the August smart lock, KwikSet Kevo, Phillips Hue, Whirlpool and Withings to name but a few.

CES 2015-Day Two 3

One of the more notable and frankly interesting displays was that of Sengled. You may have heard of their Pulse light bulb that doubles as a speaker. This year Sengled has the Snap on display which is essentially a security camera built into a light bulb. You just screw them into their fixtures outside, connect them to your WiFi and voila, security cameras!

I believe this year is not only the year of the smart car but the year of the smart home. CES 2015 isn’t over yet and I’m sure we have yet to see the best.

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