The wearables market is growing at an insane rate these days as CES 2015 has indicated to us. But the lion’s share of these products are marketed towards the everyday consumer. Now the one percenters have their own custom hand crafted wearable by Christophe and Co called the Armill. Available in three different models starting with the entry level Virtus, then the Orion and ending with the top of the line Apollo.

Christophe & Co. - Armill Luxury Wearable

Each Armill model has tiny self-winding rotors built in to charge the batteries and with regular wear, an Armill owner will never need to charge it. To create the absolutely gorgeous design Christophe and Co sought the help of renowned design house Pininfarina. Pininfarina, whose talents you may have seen applied to many a Ferrari, refined the shape to better fit the human wrist. Owing it’s luxurious-ness to the carbon fiber, gold, ceramic and precious stones it’s made of, the Armill doesn’t come cheap.

Christophe & Co. - Armill Luxury Wearable 2

The Armill line starts at $75,000 for the Virtus which is limited to just 300 units, $93,000 for the Orion which is limited to 100 units and $149,000 for the ultra-exclusive Apollo of which there will only be 25 units made. That exclusivity is further emphasized by the included 24/7 concierge service which is available on the Apollo for 3 years, 2 years on the Orion and 1 year on the Virtus.

Christophe & Co. - Armill Luxury Wearable 3

Christophe and Co hasn’t divulged what other technology exists within the lovely Armill other than the fact that it has Bluetooth LE and ultra-low power NFC chips on board, all of which is fully upgradeable in the future. The Armill line foregoes any sort of screen for feedback and instead it connects to a companion app on your phone for certain functions. Those functions are also a bit of a mystery but what we do know is that a customer may request custom functions a one touch feature to summon an assistant or communication to a yacht.

Christophe & Co. - Armill Luxury Wearable 4

Christophe and Co is quite possibly just the tip of the iceberg in the luxury IoT wearables market. The only downside is that most of us will never get to own one. For more info on these gorgeous pieces look no further than Christophe and Co’s very own website. You will need to request a password just to enter though, happy hunting!

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