Cisco is one of the leading producers of high speed wireless networking devices and their latest unveilings are proof of that. They have started contributing heavily to developing and releasing products that are focused on IoT industrial network development.

Cisco CEO Supports Industry 4.0

Cisco’s latest product is the Industrial Ethernet 4000 high speed switch boasting 40 gigabit per-second speeds. The IE 4000 is especially developed for industrial networks that need to carry data acquired from robotics, manufacturing facilities, oil pipelines etc. The IE 4000 has superior bandwidth and has up to 20 gigabit Ethernet ports per switch.

Cisco Puts IoT Development In Fastlane

The IE is an important addition for Cisco because it’s the company’s first 40 gigabit per second switch for their industrial lineup. One neat feature of the IE 4000 is its ability to support Power over Ethernet for up to eight devices, which is a technology that allows electricity to run through wired LANs.

Cisco Puts IoT Development In Fastlane 2

The second product Cisco unveiled is a kit that’s supposed to speed up the setup of Field Area Networks or FAN’s. A FAN is used to supply data to a company’s internal network so that it can be utilized how they see fit. A FAN is something a power company would use to connect a city’s worth of smart meters like the REX 2 we covered, to the HQ. The Industrial Operations Kit is designed to run on just a single Cisco Unified Computing server and provides multiple management and security layers for companies. The kit can support up to 300 industrial routers and 250,000 endpoints for easy IoT development.

For more info about the IE 4000 check out Cisco’s website here.

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