Connect One has just released it’s new Next Generation (G2) Nano socket Wi-Fi modules. New features include: cost effective upgrade path, full 802.11 b/g/n support, firmware supporting multiple modes of operation. These modules are great for integration into new or existing products. Check out the release below.

Connect One iwifi G2

Nano Socket iWiFi G2 is a secure serial-to-Wireless-LAN device module that can perform as a WLAN client or Access Point to connect serial devices to 802.11b/g/n Wireless LANs. It includes the iChip™ CO2144 IP Communication Controller™ chip and Broadcom BCM43362 WiFi chipset. It is packaged in RoHS-compliant ultra-slim form factor and uses an industry standard pin-out. The Nano Socket iWiFi G2 can also be interfaced to a 10/100BaseT wired LAN with some external components and glue logic.

Nano Socket iWiFi G2 offers and supports large variety of features which among them:

  • Embedded Router – Providing routing facilities between a wired LAN subnet a WiFi subnet and a cellular WAN connection (3G router capability). Includes a DHCP server, NAT and port forwarding
  • Embedded Access Point – devices containing WiFi can connect to the embedded access point to control or manage processes
  • LAN to WiFi Bridge – allowing transparent bridging of LAN over WiFi, using direct RMII connection to existing MAC hardware. This allows any microcontroller with a built-in Ethernet MAC to be connected to WiFi, with zero development effort
  • Serial to WiFi Bridge – allowing transparent bridging of Serial over WiFi, using the module’s 3Mbps fast UART
  • PPP emulation – allowing existing (e.g. cellular modem) designs currently using PPP to interface to the cellular modem to connect transparently over WiFi with no changes to application or drivers
  • Full Internet Controller mode – allowing simple MCU to use the Nano Socket iWiFi G2 rich protocol and application capabilities to perform complex Internet operations such as E-mail, FTP, SSL, embedded web server and others. Internet controller mode can be used with any hardware interface.
  • Ten simultaneous TCP/UDP sockets
  • Two listening sockets
  • Webserver with two websites
  • SMTP and POP3 clients
  • DHCP client/server
  • POP3 SMTP client with MIME attachment
  • FTP client
  • TELNET client
  • SerialNET™ mode for serial to IP bridging
  • Gateway between a local network on it’s LAN/WLAN interfaces and a WAN on any of it’s other interfaces
  • Switch between it’s WLAN interface and the Ethernet interface when acting as a WLAN access point
  • An Ethernet to WiFi bridge to connect an ETH client to a WiFi network (cable replacement)
  • Security gap between the application and the network

Nano Socket iWiFi G2 includes RMII, USB, SPI and fast UART interfaces for easy integration into existing or new designs. It offers a highly advanced level of Internet security, including the latest WiFi encryption algorithms (WPA/WPA2, in both PSK and Enterprise modes) and Internet SSL encryption algorithms. In addition, it serves as an inherent firewall, protecting the embedded application from attacks originating from the Internet.

More info can be viewed at their website here.

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