The Cool Box is something that has come along that I never really expected to see in the world of smart devices. It’s a toolbox for the 21st century do-it-yourselfer that integrates great convenience features in a portable package.

Starting with the outside dimensions, the Cool Box is 22 inches wide, 12.5 inches deep and 9 inches tall, dimensions that allow for a spacious 1797.12 cu in. There are two front facing Bluetooth speakers for entertainment and an LCD clock that can also display the battery level of an integrated 5 Ah battery. Straddling the aforementioned clock are the two USB plug-ins and the always crucial bottle opener. Directly underneath the clock is a flip forward stowage compartment large enough for a cellphone.

Cool Box-Work Smarter Not Harder2

The creators of the Cool Box realize that having mobility and power available are important so they designed one side of the Cool Box with three pass through power outlets between wheels. The wheels allow someone to slide or drag the box easier with one free hand. To further make life easier is an integrated retractable 12’ power cord so that you may power the outlets on the side, so no more dragging around an extra cord! Finally, the lid has an integrated tablet stand so that the user can easily view an instructional video or schematics.

Cool Box-Work Smarter Not Harder2

The inside of the Cool Box has a tool tray that has three partitions for various tools as well as built-in LED lights for easy tool location in low light situations. There is also an integrated LED flood light on the outside to light up your work. The underside of the lid provides a home for the 20”x12” white board so any notes during a job can easily be jotted down. The creators have also taken note of comments and suggestions and will be adding an extension handle to provide better leverage for moving a fully laden Cool Box.

Cool Box-Work Smarter Not Harder3

Is the Cool Box actually smart? Well, kind of, the Bluetooth connectivity allows the user to audibly listen to instructions for a task. The real reason the Cool Box is the “World’s smartest toolbox” is because of the thoughtful features integrated into its design. This toolbox should be the toolbox of makers and tinkerers everywhere! The Cool Box can be pre-ordered on their website starting at $179 with a choice of Red or Green colors.




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