Doppel is a unique new wearable whose creators claim that it can improve mood through rhythm. Yes, this does sound a bit weird but were assured this isn’t “snake oil”. Doppel is based firmly in and backed by science, let’s take a look at what it’s about.

How does something improve mood through rhythm? It’s similar to listening to music and “feeling” the bass or tapping your foot to the beat of your favorite song. Doppel produces a rhythm with an electric motor very similar to one that vibrates in your phone.

Doppel WearableThe creators interviewed people to see how they might relax or wake up and found that whatever they did usually involves rubbing their wrists or hands. A particular rhythm and frequency produced a more relaxing feeling or heightened sense of energy.

Doppel Wearable2

To start using Doppel you first sync it with your phone and enter your preference for pace and resting heart rate. You can adjust intensity by spinning the dial and to adjust the lower setting you swipe the colored ridge. The so called upper setting is adjusted by pressing the center portion where the motor window is.

Doppel Wearable3

Turquoise Team, the brains behind this project decided to see how Doppel could improve focus by having the experts from Royal Holloway at the University in London. The results were impressive to say the least as Doppel was proven to have doubled focus when set at the participants preferred settings.


Team Turquoise has covered nearly a third of their $155,000 Kickstarter goal while pledges start at $109. There are 21 days left to achieve that goal and the Doppel is a heck of a value at $109 so it shouldn’t be a problem. Get more info at either their Kickstarter page or the Team Turquoise website.


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