Doppler Labs, the creators of the DUBS acoustic filters that were released last September and were a hit has a new product. Meet the new Here Active Listening earbuds, designed to be inconspicuous and light weight.

Doppler Labs Here Earbuds

These wireless earbuds are for the musician, concertgoer, and traveler. They can enhance shows or quiet the cabin of a noise airplane ride. Doppler Labs stresses that these suckers aren’t for listening to iTunes. They’re more for tuning that over amplified concert down and allowing you to avoid ringing eardrums.

Here’s acoustic properties have been honed by a venerable who’s-who of artists from around the world. One of them being the world famous movie score producer Hans Zimmer who lent his golden ears to an early development version of Here. They also used earlier input for DUBS from legends like Tiesto and Quincy Jones to hone the new earbuds.

The guts are composed of a low power ARM processor, Bluetooth Low Energy, and an ultra-low latency audio input/output. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery is capable of lasting 4-6 hours, more than enough for a show. The 8mm drivers are capable of a frequency response in the range of 20-20,000Hz for accurate frequency replication.

Doppler Labs Here Earbuds2

Inside the box is a carrying case, quick start guide, power plug, and additional silicone tips. If you act quickly you can get the last early bird special at $179! Check out the Here on their Kickstarter page!



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