GoPro is a company that owns 70% of the ever increasingly competitive action cam market. They are the 600lb gorilla in and amongst lesser animals with equally inferior products. But what do you do when you own a market? How do you stay on the forefront of innovation without messing with success? You stick with your formula and introduce an even smaller action cam that’s what you do.

 Go Pro With The New Session

GoPro has just announced it’s newest action cam addition, the Hero 4 Session. The Session is based on an even smaller form factor than their Hero series. It almost looks as if the people at GoPro looked at a regular Hero and decided to make a camera out of just the black lens area.

 Go Pro With The New Session2

The one sacrifice you could say they made was in the video resolution department. Resolution for the Session are 1440p at 30 frames per second, 1080p at 60 frames per second and 720p at up to 100 frames per second. No 4k recording for this little black box…yet. That might leave a sour taste in the mouth of some seeing as this costs as much as the full-tilt Hero at $399.

 Go Pro With The New Session

GoPro managed to simplify things by reducing the number of buttons from 3 to 2 where a 3 second press of the main button will activate the time lapse mode. The secondary button is for toggling the Wi-Fi on and off. To use any of the other modes the Session is capable of you will have to enlist the help of the GoPro app or Wi-Fi remote. There is also a tiny LCD display on the top that shows battery life, mode selected, and memory available.

 Go Pro With The New Session4

A huge upside to this new cam is the fact that the Session is waterproof straight out of the gate. Where the Hero requires a special case to hit the water the Session needs nothing and it can go even deeper at 10 meters. The smaller form factor means that GoPro will continue to go where many simply cannot.

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