It hasn’t been more than a week since GoPro’s latest action cam dropped and iFixit has already cut and peeled one to the core. This is an important addition for GoPro as it offers another form factor for budding action sports stars to play with. It also serves to diversify a product line that has gotten a little stagnant. Let’s see what’s going on inside the new Session.

GoPro Hero4 Session Teardown

The folks at iFixit started by removing the screws on the front end that hold the clear lens cover on but that didn’t lead anywhere. After a bit of heat and prying they finally made some headway. As soon as those precious innards are free we get a look at a Qualcomm QCA6134X-AM2D Wi-Fi/Bluetooth SiP handling Wi-Fi duties.

GoPro Hero4 Session Teardown2

Moving around to the back end we get to see where the battery is stored in it’s own little slot. The battery is a 3.8V, 1000mAh that’s good for around 2 hours of life before it needs to be plugged into the mains. Because the battery is soldered to the chassis it won’t be replaceable, which kind of makes the Session disposable after too long.

GoPro Hero4 Session Teardown3

The motherboard is home to only a few chips that make the Session go tick. Image and video processing is handled by an Ambarella A7LS Processing SoC. Memory is provided by Micron’s JWB25 NAND Flash + LPDDR2 MCP while the batteries juice is managed by an AMS AG AS3715 Power Management Unit.

Who knew all of that could fit in there but you know what they say? Good things come in small packages. The session might not be perfect but it’s even smaller than the regular Hero line which makes it even better for action sports.


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