Haltian is a Finnish startup looking to change the way the Internet of Things is built according to their Kickstarter page. The Thingsee One creators are ex-Nokia employees that know the difficulty in developing hardware for the purpose of eventually developing software to complement it. To ease some of the development pain the Thingsee One is an all-inclusive hardware device the gives its owners multiple options on how it’s used.

 Haltian-Thingsee One

Thingsee One is about the size of standard computer mouse with a plethora of hardware goodies inside of its ruggedized IP67 rated chassis. A 1.54” OLED monochrome display helps you to monitor whatever data you choose and other data can be viewed on whatever device it is connected to. The folks at Haltian put a lot of emphasis on battery life so powering the One is a 1900mAh lithium ion battery with a possible year of life depending on what sensors are used.

 Haltian-Thingsee One

There are three ways to connect the One to your mobile device or computer: 2G quad band GPRS for cellular connectivity, b/g Wi-Fi and low energy 4.1 Bluetooth. All three connectivity options allow you to access the companion app so that you may decide what sensors you would like to use.

If tracking speed, direction or movement is wanted, there is a 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis magnetometer at your disposal. An A-GPS/GNSS sensor is also included to allow for location tracking of the One. To aid in the exchange of the data you capture there is an onboard Micro-SD card slot and a Micro-USB 2.0 for charging and data.

The real beauty of a device like this is that it can be used right out of the box, no programming required. If the goal is to create a custom program for another project but use the onboard sensors in the Thingsee One that can be done as well. This is a really cool product that looks to attract the tinkerers and creators in our connected planet and help others catch the IoT bug. For more info on the Thingsee One, check out their Kickstarter page where an early bird pledge will cost you $199 for the device.




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