Home automation is a wonderful thing but sometimes you need to buy many different products in order to fulfill certain needs or wants. Hive is a product that promises to not only meet your automation needs but fill those security and entertainment needs as well. The kicker is, that it will be extremely easy to set up and will play nice with other smart home devices!

 Hive-Smart Home Jack of All Trades

Hive consists of two critical pieces: the Hive Hub and the Hive Sound units, of which can play music pulled from the cloud. Hive Hub connects to your home network to help control lights, locks, electronics and other appliances.

 Hive-Smart Home Jack of All Trades 2

The Hive Sound modules are meant to be placed around the house wherever you want sound and have an outlet, but don’t fret, they will feature an outlet pass through as well. Hive Sound features two drivers and passive radiator for bigger sound than their diminutive size would imply. There are also RGB LEDs to communicate status and notifications, a microphone for noise cancellation, Libre wireless audio module and a backup battery so the hits never quit.

 Hive-Smart Home Jack of All Trades 3

The Hive Hub is the brains of the operation featuring a dual-core 1GHz processor with 1GB of RAM and 4GB of flash. There is also an Ethernet port for Internet connectivity with a backup 3G modem just in case your main service provider has an outage. Wireless connectivity is shouldered by the usual suspects: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, ZigBee and Z-Wave with an extra transceiver for Honeywell security sensors. Lastly, the Hive Hub features an extra battery so that if your power goes out your internet doesn’t.

How much is all of this compatibility, connectivity and security going to cost you? Hive starts at $99 on their Kickstarter page which nets you both the hub and a sound module. Hive is over 80% funded with 26 days left so it will be shipping very soon. For more information check out the Hive home system here.


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