If you have ever wondered, “How much water should I drink today?”, then the Trago smart water bottle has you covered. Proper hydration is just as important for a healthy body as it is for top athletes but all we have are general rules of thumb.

Our general water intake guidelines are helpful but everyone is different and has different needs. Trago measures how much you drink and then connects to your smartphone and other wearables to measure and set goals. Just enter a few initial inputs like age, weight, and activity level and the Trago mobile app will help you achieve those goals.

Hydrate With The Trago Smart Bottle

Trago is made of BPA-free plastic and incorporates well thought design features like a quick to close half-turn cap and angled spout. There is also an easy to access battery cover for fast battery changes but you won’t be doing it often as battery life is around 6mo. All wide mouth bottles are compatible with Trago but it does come with its own 24oz stainless steel bottle for those wanting something of a more metallic persuasion.

Hydrate With The Trago Smart Bottle2

The way it can measure how much you are drinking is with a patent-pending ultrasonic technology that fires down into the bottle. This technology is capable of knowing not only how much your drinking but when you refill it and when it’s being carried so it doesn’t measure. We expect our “smart” devices to be compatible with nearly everything these days and Trago no different. It can sync with nearly any phone and health app to deliver the most accurate hydration information possible. If the weather calls for hot and humid, then it adjusts accordingly to keep you on the path to hydration. While Trago has met it’s Kickstarter goal, you can still pledge your $49 and get one!

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