A lack of space to grow plants or vegetables has been a long standing problem in cities for people that would like to do so. An increase in population size also means that there is a lack of fresh food available. A product called Biom is gearing up to hopefully change that.

Biom is a connected planter that can be placed out on a railing of a balcony in a city, perfect for getting sunlight. It enables your vegetables to have a voice so to speak but alerting you to their needs. There are four different colored lights and each one is meant to alert a specific need.

Improve Your Biom With Flower Power

The blue LED lights up when the plant needs watering and it also keeps you from over or under watering. The red LED lights up to notify you of the plants temperature needs. Whether it’s too hot out or too cold out, Biom will notify you if it needs to be taken inside. Green lights up when you need to feed your plant fertilizer. Another handy visual when it comes to knowing what your budding plant needs. Lastly, there is the yellow LED to display UV needs. Essentially what it will tell you is that the plant is in the shade and it needs to be placed in direct sunlight.

Improve Your Biom With Flower Power2

There’s also a companion app that not only provides alerts but it allows you to monitor more than one Biom. The alerts when combined with the companion app allow someone who might not be a green thumb to become an expert!

Bioms French compatriots at Parrot also make a connected device called Flower Power. You can use whatever type of planter or pot you would like because Flower Power is placed into the soil like a spike.

Improve Your Biom With Flower Power3

Parrot’s device monitors the same four parameters as Biom but its companion app has a database of over 7,000 plants. This database has all of the information and tips you need to be successful. Flower Power has also been conceived so that it is fully compatible with IFTTT protocol. Either product is a welcome addition to our concrete jungles.

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