About nine months ago Intel issued a challenge to dreamers, tinkerers and makers and that was, “Make it wearable”. Intel specifically had their Edison chipset in mind when this started and they are now down to ten finalists in the competition and one team is putting a new spin on the term “wearable”.

Team Nixie is hoping to win the competition by way of their wearable camera that can fly. Yes, I said fly, as in quadrocopter fly. The idea is that if while you’re out and about doing something active. You could have the quadrocopter fly up and away to capture the moment. A moment that would otherwise be ruined by lugging around a camera and tripod.

 Intel's Make It Wearable Challenge Finalist-Team Nixie

Christoph Kohstahll wants to make the first wearable flying camera. It was an idea he pitched one day to his friend Jelena Jovanoic. Nixie is pretty much a flying wristband that at the flick of the wrist, would fly off, take video or a picture and fly back to your hand. After it lands you would fold it up around your wrist and off you go. Though it would no doubt be a bit bulky, it would be light due to the very small Edison chipset. There are other possible features they could incorporate like voice control or facial recognition but those have yet to be seen.

 Intel's Make It Wearable Challenge Finalist-Team Nixie

If they win the challenge, $500,000 will be theirs to help incorporate other capabilities and iron out bugs. The winner will be announced in early November and there are nine other contenders vying for the money. Check out the other nine teams at Intel’s site for the challenge here. Who knows, there might be wearable cameras flying around our neck of the woods very soon.

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