As you already know, Neptune has announced its Hub and Pocket Screen in a previous Indiegogo campaign called the Neptune Duo. These were just a small taste of what was to come from the folks at Neptune as they have now announced the Neptune Suite!

Introducing The Neptune Suite  2

The Neptune Suite is supposed to be an all-encompassing suite of technologies and gadgets that allow to work and play how you want. The Suite includes the Neptune Necklace that is a wireless pair of headphones that magnetically secure around your neck when not in use. The necklace also doubles as the power cord for linking and charging up to three of your Neptune devices.

Introducing The Neptune Suite  3

The Suite also includes the Tab Screen which is a 10 inch tablet with a capacitive touchscreen and front facing camera. There is also the Neptune Keys which are designed to either be used with the Neptune Tab or with the Neptune Dongle.


The Dongle is very much like a Roku stick or Amazon Fire Stick in that it allows you to use any monitor with an HDMI connector to link up with the Hub on your wrist. Neptune is pushing the idea of having all of the computing power on your wrist while making available any and every monitor around you.

Check out Neptune’s Indiegogo page for more information and to pick up the Suite for the featured price of $599. The project has been funded by 926% so there is almost zero risk that you won’t get your toys.


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