For every Nest and WeMo there are twenty other small companies trying to get their start in this world. It’s for them that we take some time to shine a light on few of the brightest up and coming startup stars.

IoT Startup Stars 2

First up is a product called AirBoard which is a thumb-sized Arduino board designed to make IoT sketching quick and easy for all levels of expertise. AirBoard has features like 5-second WiFi programming, quick connect attachments and three years of battery life to ease in beginners. Hardware goodies include an ATmega328P at 8 MHz, 16 million color capable LED, 7x GPIO, 3x PWN, 2x 10-bit ADC, I2C and SPI solderless connector.

Another great feature for fast prototyping is the fact that the AirBoard uses solderless connectors to foster fast paced creativity. The extremely diminutive size of the AirBoard means that it can be brought and tinkered with anywhere. Pricing starts at $25 for just the AirBoard itself but there is a starter kit for $100 that gives you Bluetooth 4.0, vibrating motors, a pair of propellers, proximity sensor and g-sensor. Check out AirBoard’s Kickstarter page for purchase and more information here.

IoT Startup Stars 2 3

Moving onward in our quest we stumbled upon a company called Domus, which promises cheap home automation. This is of great interest because smart home integration is an increasing popular subject right now.

The Domus comes in two pieces, the first piece is the iCon module that connects to your home network via WiFi. The second piece is the iPlug which talks to the iCon and allows the owner to plug in a variety of devices for wireless control.

IoT Startup Stars 2 4

The Domus comes in two colors: black and white and is priced at $33 on their Kickstarter page. It doesn’t matter where in the world you are sending them to either as the plugs have been designed appropriately for the market they are being sent to.

IoT Startup Stars 2 6

The last product we thought was deserving of some attention was the Black Swift, an extremely powerful microcomputer. Most microcomputers aren’t powerful enough to run complex tasks. For the IoT to continue growing there needs to be a smaller more powerful embedded computer, and one that doesn’t need a development board to start creating. That is where Black Swift comes in.

IoT Startup Stars 2 5

Packing a 400 MHz MIPS 24k CPU with integrated USB 2.0, Ethernet connectivity and Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n the Black Swift is ready to integrate whatever you create into the IoT. Needing nothing other than a 5 VDC micro-USB to get started the Black Swift can be programmed in a bunch of different languages including C/C++, PHP, Python and Pearl.

The Black Swift could be had for $19 on their Kickstarter page but those have been spoken for, but for $26 you get a basic board and a special mention on their website.



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