The iPad Air 2 is finally available to most of the world now and we want a look under the hood. As it happens, the folks over at iFixit got their hands on one and tore it down. Lets take a look.

 iPad Air 2 Breakdown

This year, the Air 2 comes in a new gold color that adds a classy touch along with the now confirmed Touch ID model 8416A1 fingerprint reader made by NXP Semiconductors. A fully laminated 9.7” IPS multi-touch screen graces the facade of the new Air 2 all while sporting a resolution of 2,048 x 1,536 with 264 pixels per inch and an anti-reflective coating. Driving all of those pixels is a Parade Technologies DP675 and a Texas Instruments TPS65143A Bias solution.

 iPad Air 2 Breakdown 4

Beneath the gorgeous LCD screen, lies the new 64-bit A8X processor. The A8X has 2GB of RAM sourced from Elpida/Micron and is paired with the NXP semiconductor-made M8 motion co-processor. Near field communications are handled by a NXP 65V10 NFC controller and WiFi signals are directed by a Murata 339S02541 WiFi chip.

 iPad Air 2 Breakdown 2

A second board inside contains Maxim Integrated’s MAX98721BEWV boosted class amplifier while located nearby is a Broadcom BCM5976 digitizer controller and what seems to be a very unique addition to the iPad, a Bosch BMP280 Sensortec Barometer. Included with the BMP280 is a Bosch BMA280 Accelerometer and supplying power to all of those sensors is a 27.62Wh dual cell Li-ion battery. The Air 2’s predecessor had a slightly more powerful 32.9Wh but Apple is claiming 10 hours of use, so it looks like the Air 2 is pretty efficient.

 iPad Air 2 Breakdown 3

It seems year after year, Apple gets better and better at packing components into thinner devices so it comes as no surprise that the new Air 2 is thinner than its predecessor all while packing more firepower. It kind of makes me wonder, will the iPad Air 3 be lighter than air next year?

For more info on the tear down, check out iFixit’s site.



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