The wonderful month of January is over with now but IoT news has continued to pour in from everywhere. We at The Connected Planet are going to attempt to reign all of that in and distill it down to the most important bits. Enjoy!

January IoT Roundup

Making sure our IoT devices are secure from outside intrusion and our sensitive information is protected is a constant concern. Our automobiles are quickly becoming connected devices and as a result there may be more concern about their security. Case in point, German company ADAC (It’s like AAA for Germany) had notified BMW that they had been able to gain access to their cars systems by fooling cell towers.

January IoT Roundup2

In response to this, BMW has sent out an update closing this gap in security to all BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce vehicles equipped with Connected Drive.

January IoT Roundup3

Some interesting news has come out of Silicon Valley this week in the form of two important players leaving for other ventures. Greg Duffy, the CEO of Dropcam has left for as of yet, unknown ventures and Nest’s VP of Technology, Yoky Matsuoka has left to join Twitter. How these departures will affect the Android @ Home, household automation platform has yet to be seen but these departures sure won’t speed things up.

Microsoft HoloLens

Microsoft recently unveiled their new Windows 10 operating system and while they were at it, decided to show the world a couple other projects. One of those announcements is called HoloLens, of which you can find the article we wrote right here. The other project is called Surface Hub, which consists of an 84 inch touchscreen monitor with the guts of a PC inside. Designed to be placed in the modern office space, Surface Hub would provide a way to teleconference with others and a creative gathering place within the office. Full technical specs haven’t been revealed as of yet but as soon as we know what they are we be sure to share!


January IoT Roundup4

While the HoloLens looks like it will take a while longer to reach market than the Surface Hub, were really excited to experience both of them.

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