January has made for an eventful start to the year with CES 2015 kicking off earlier in the month. Connected cars, smart homes and wearables were the biggest news makers of the day but there are other technology companies making a splash in our connected world. Here are a couple of others that weren’t at CES that we thought were cool and really caught our eye.

January Tech News2

The connected car received a lot of love from both the companies developing them and the show goers that got to check them out. That got us to thinking, what about other forms of connected transportation? A little company called smrtGRIPS had that same question in mind when they developed their Original Grip.

January Tech News

The bicycle grips install on your bike like any other grip with the difference being the smrtGRIPS device sliding into the handlebar tube. The smrtGRIPS device houses all of the electronics and mini vibrating motors and both of the grips are rechargeable via USB plug-in. When connected by Bluetooth to the companion app on your phone, smrtGRIPS provide eyes free navigation, haptic alerts and separation notifications through a series of vibrations in the handlebar.

A couple of other features that are provided in the app are the bike finder, bike tracker and connected biking. There is currently an Indiegogo page set up to fund the project and an early donation of $59 will net you a set of these grips with a charger. You will have to hurry as there are only 133 left at this price.

January Tech News3

Another extremely exciting product unveiled at NAMM 2015 in Anaheim California this last week was Teenage Engineering’s PO-12, 14 and 16 series pocket synthesizers. Although these neat devices aren’t connected in a wireless sense they can be connected by a 3.5mm cable for a jam session.

January Tech News5

The really cool part about the PO line synthesizers is that they are the smallest real synthesizer you can buy right now and you can plug your headphones right in while you get creative. The PO line has a very raw almost “maker” look to it courtesy of the way it’s packaged.

January Tech News6

Teenage Engineering chose to eschew an external case for cost reasons and instead packaged the sensitive bits behind an LCD screen that doubles as a sound amplifier. The animations on the LCD are reminiscent of the pocket Nintendo games of yore and help the user keep track of what’s doing what. The goodies running the show underneath include a Silabs EFM 32 gecko CPU, Cirrus logic DAC, Knowles high quality speaker and a high quality crystal for solid clock. An interestingly named Pro Grade silicone case is available for an extra cost if you decide to take your show on the road and all three models are available through Teenage Engineering’s newly revamped website for $59.

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