Welcome to July’s IoT news, it’s been a hot month for the IoT with big news from Microsoft, Yodaphone, Google, Apple, and Samsung! Let’s see what’s new.

Windows 10 vs. Windows 8

Let’s start with the much anticipated Windows 10 roll-out this last week. It is a huge improvement over the UI of 7 and 8 by harkening back to the way XP looked. That means the Start Menu is back again and those floatings tiles have been moved within it. Any early adopters will get to use their new AI in the form of Cortana which has now migrated to the entire Windows OS.

YotaPhone 2- The Dual Screen Phenom

Moving on to some devastating news from the crowdfunding world, Yota Devices has announced that the US won’t be getting its new Yotaphone 2. Citing “unforeseen delays” in both production and delivery are the reasons.

Yota is saying that customers can choose to receive the International version or receive a refund if they wish. That last part is a bit worrisome because who wouldn’t want their hundreds of dollars back. The refund will be directly issued via check from Yota Devices.

July IoT News

Rumors emanating from Cupertino are saying that we’ll get a new Apple TV box in September. Those same rumors are also saying more powerful hardware, a touch pad, and a more svelte profile.

July IoT News2

Some good news out of Google is that there will be a new Glass but the bad news is that it won’t be widely available. Google’s new Glass is going to be aimed at Enterprise and development teams. Let’s hope this exercise leads to another toy for us common folk.

July IoT News3

Lastly, there is word that Samsung has confirmed that the next Samsung Gear smartwatch will have a rotating bezel. This type of interface could lead to some very interesting interaction with apps. Things like twist left to answer the phone or twist to zoom. Of course there are also the beefier internals like a Exynos 3472 dual-core processor and 4GB of storage. Stay tuned on this one.


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