The month of June has been an interesting one with news from Apple, a company called Canary and a new Tagg for your dog!

 June IoT News4

A company called Canary is offering in what almost sounds too good to be true, a complete all-in-one home security system. Setting up Canary is as easy as connecting it to your home Wi-Fi. Alerts can be sent straight to the owner’s phone if Canary detects any unusual behavior as well.

June IoT News5

Canary home security tracks a whole mess of things like air quality, temperature, motion, and humidity. It can also see what’s going bump in the night with night vision and record audio at the same time. Recorded audio and video is stored in the cloud for up to 30 days. Canary also features a 90 dbl alarm that can be sounded remotely if you are alerted of any tomfoolery. It is available at most big box stores like Best Buy and the Home Depot for $249.

 June IoT News

Keeping our homes secure is top priority but so is keeping our pets safe. The old saying ,” A dog is mans best friend” holds true for a lot of people. In that light a company called Whistle has released a product called Tagg. Tagg is a GPS connected device that helps us keep track of our canine friends while they run and sniff around. Tagg will send alerts to you via mobile phone if you pet travels outside your custom made “safe zone”. It also uses one of the widest reaching cellular networks to send alerts so there isn’t any place Fido can’t reach you.

 June IoT News2

Whistle has engineered Tagg to be a completely waterproof GPS tracker with a battery capable of lasting 10 days. It a comfort knowing that no matter where your dog goes he/she will looked after. Priced is at $79, keeping track of your pet is a no-brainer.

 June IoT News6

Rumors surrounding mobile phone juggernaut Apple are saying that they are already making force sensitive iPhones. These phone are supposed to change very little visually from the current 6/Plus models. They will incorporate the new pressure sensitive technology as seen on the Apple Watch. What we might use that feature for on an iPhone has yet to be seen.



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