Not content with letting the Apple Watch get all of the attention, LG has released another Android Wear device called Urbane. The Urbane is LG’s latest device aimed at stealing not only some of Apple’s thunder but buyers as well.

LG Urbane

LG’s Urbane is trying to exude with all its might, the luxurious wearable it wants you to think it is. With a glossy alloy case in both silver and the chic faux rose gold, it does a good job of it. In an interesting design touch, they decided to brush the bezel for a bit of contrast.

LG Urbane4

Beneath the classy facade lies the same hardware as last year’s G Watch R so the smooth running platform has the updated Android Wear to thank for that. The good news is that the venerable Snapdragon 400 chipset is still powerful enough that you don’t wish it had been replaced just yet.

LG Urbane5

The Urbane does its best to ape the Apple watch when it comes to the functionality of interface. The face of the Urbane can be written on and there is a “Low Power” mode for extending the battery life. One thing the Urbane can do that the Apple Watch cannot is connect to Wi-Fi exclusively so you don’t need your phone for notifications.

The LG Urbane is the most expensive Android Wear watch at $349 so that puts it directly in the Apple Watches crosshairs. Is it a worthy competitor? I’ll leave that up to you to decide but it certainly is worthy of a look if you’re interested in an Android powered wearable. Be sure to check out LG’s website for more details on the Urbane here.


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