There are wearables for nearly every facet of our active lives from Fitbits for overall fitness to embedded clothing with heart rate trackers. Up till now there really hasn’t been anything to track our lives between the sheets. Meet the Lovely Sex Tracker, a new way to track your fitness…in bed.

Lovely Sex Tracker

The Lovely is a sex toy that’s worn on the base of the penis to track your umm, performance. Made of body-safe silicone, Lovely comes in four attractive colors: Red, Dark Blue, Turquoise and Light Pink for a unique look and feel.

Lovely Sex Tracker 2

You’re probably wondering what Lovely actually tracks performance-wise? Lovely will track calories burned and then it can put that in context. For example, a 150 calories burned making love is the equivalent of riding a bike for ½ a mile. So you can skip the gym and hit the bedroom for your workout regimen.

Lovely Sex Tracker 4

Lovely can also track how long you have been having “fun” for as well as both the top speed and g-force of your man bits. After you’re done sowing your oats it will analyze your performance and suggest some new positions to try to add some variety and fun. There is also a vibrate function included that can be turned on and off as you see fit.

Lovely Sex Tracker 5

All of this data is communicated by the IOS/Android companion app and Bluetooth 4.0. Lovely is also unique because it charges through induction charging so all you have to do wash it and throw it on the included charging dock. Lovely’s Indiegogo page has pricing and more info for those adventurous types, prices start at $129.


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