Following hot on the heels of our write-up on Garmin’s new Varia radar system is the Lumos LED bicycle helmet. Lumos is designed to take your safety up a notch by exploiting the unused space on your helmet.

The design of the helmet incorporates bright white LEDs into the front like the daytime running lights of a car. The back-end of the helmet has three triangular LED formations to alert drivers. Aesthetically, the Lumos looks like any other high quality bicycle helmet, no dorky lights or bulbous attachments. If it weren’t for a simple and rather well camouflaged power button, you wouldn’t notice the difference.

Lumos LED Bicycle Helmet

Lumos has a wonderful little handlebar mounted controller for the helmet that activates a turn signal function. Anyone who’s ever ridden a motorcycle will immediately be familiar with the concept and operation. It’s a great idea and it improves the utility of Lumos even further. Oh, in case you were wondering, the remote is waterproof and boasts a 6 month battery life!

Lumos LED Bicycle Helmet 2

One of the neatest and most thoughtful features is the built in accelerometer that activates the full complement of rear LED’s during deceleration. Located on the helmet is port to recharge the onboard battery for those LEDs. They say that if you ride for 30 minutes a day a charge will last approximately a week which is pretty darn good.

Lumos LED Bicycle Helmet 3

You shouldn’t have to worry about how tough the helmet in the event of an accident either. Lumos is rated to meet the US safety standard CPSC and the European EN1078 standard. Style and comfort are standard as well with two color options in white or black and a choice of two sizes: medium and large. If you would like to know more or purchase one, pricing starts at $99 on their Kickstarter.


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