These days if you want a connected car you have to buy a new one or at least one made within the last few years. A product called Vinli looks to change all of that by allowing you to simply plug it into the OBD 2 port of an older model vehicle.

Vinli is a neat little black box that features a few goodies like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 4G LTE that open up a whole new world of connectivity to older cars. By plugging it in you make your car a mobile hot spot. Major manufacturers like GM have just recently started to include this as a feature in their newest vehicles so this is important.

 Make Your Car Smart With Vinli

4G LTE connectivity is provided by a partnership between T-Mobile and Vinli while offering a reliable cellular connection. The hot spot created gives road-trippers the ability to stream a movie using a different cellular connection. It also becomes a huge asset for traveling businessmen and women with a need to hop online.  Vinli claims that upload and download speeds are 30MB so there shouldn’t be any problem streaming video like Skype.

 Make Your Car Smart With Vinli2

If surfing the web isn’t your thing there are a plethora of optimized apps that are compatible with the Vinli. There are apps to diagnose check engine lights and there’s one from Samsung that connects your car to your home. These apps bring real functionality to your newly connected car and can only expand with time.

 Make Your Car Smart With Vinli3

Speaking of functionality, Vinli has been endowed with service features that can make traveling safer and more convenient. The service features include: eCall- Sends an automatic text or voice notification to loved ones in the case of an accident, My Service Shop- Alerts your service shop of preference so you don’t’ forget scheduled services, and Roadside Assistance- Alerts roadside service of an emergency like a flat tire or running out of gas. Check Vinli on their Indiegogo page to reserve one now!

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