2015 been a busy and important year for IoT and the month of May has been no exception. Google had their annual I/O, LG announced the Urbane and Acer announced three new models of its Liquid Leap wearable.

 May IoT News

Google just wrapped up their I/O 2015 and there some big announcements, here’s a few of the important ones. The available Google Photos app will let users save an unlimited amount of photos for free! Google Photos will be going head to head with some of Apple’s software on this but there are a lot of Android users rejoicing.

 May IoT News2

Android M promises improved power usage, app interaction optimization, and new services. Android Wear is also getting some polishing with apps “always-on” and a special black and white low power mode.

 LG Urbane5

LG announced their new Apple competitor, the Urbane. Sporting a simpler, classier bezel and case, LG looks to steal some Apple Watch sales.

  May IoT News3

Acer is welcoming a new trio of wearables in their Leap lineup called the Liquid Leap Active, Leap Curve, and the Leap Fit. Featuring an adjustable, waterproof design with a focus on simple interfacing.

  May IoT News4

Ikea, the champion of DIY projects and home furnishings is jumping into the smart home arena with their new Home Smart 2 collection. There will be home furniture with wireless charging built in along with a wireless connected lighting system much like Phillips Hue. It’s what Ikea likes to call the “internet of better things” and promises to be as cheap as possible. For those looking to smarten up their homes without spending a lot, it will be huge. Well that wraps up IoT news for this month but we’ll see you next month with more IoT news!



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