The home battery sector is really heating up now with announcement that Mercedes will now offer a home battery pack. If you remember it wasn’t more than a month ago that Tesla announced a pair of residential battery packs along with a more substantial commercial model.

 Mercedes Home Battery

The new Mercedes home battery only comes in a single 2.5kWh flavor but it can be combined with up to 8 of them for a combined storage capacity of 20kWh. For comparison the Tesla Powerwall units come in 7kWh and 10kWh capacities.

 Mercedes Home Battery2

Deutsche Accumotive which is a Mercedes subsidy actually produces the lithium-ion units. Like the Tesla batteries, the Mercedes batteries can store solar power to be used at a later time. Don’t fret if you don’t have solar panels though, these will also store power during low use hours to use during peak hours to offset costs.

 Mercedes Home Battery 3

Mercedes claims these have already been tested on the “grid” and are good to go. What we don’t know is what the price is and exactly where we can get them. We do know that Tesla has just announced that they will be doubling the nominal output of their powerwall making them an even better investment. This competition is heating up indeed and it makes me wonder who is going to jump in next? Check out the full press release right here.


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